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where do I even begin

First of all, i don’t care about you and your ugly ass man. When will you learn that it has nothing to do with that. I want someone to listen to me for once. Really listen to me:

Never have I ever had someone disrespect me this much in my life. You are supposed to be one of the few people in my life that I actually can trust. No matter what, you will, or should always be there. But now i see the truth. You fucking wait until my kids will not be allowed to see you. I know I don’t want kids, but I will have 3 of them just to show you what it feels like to be me. They will not be allowed to have contact  with you of any kind because you are a constant reminder of the darkest part of my life. When I let people walk all over me. When I felt so low of myself that I let people like you influence even the slightest, smallest thought in my brain. You don’t deserve my brain, my thoughts, my feelings. One day you will see this. 

ps. I’m getting my tattoo covered up, it was a mistake.